The design is happening at our place. Software presents us all the practical functions so we can basically accomplish all customer requirements as below:

grc3D product design providing data and drawings to the customer
grcTool design based on our experience or customer specifications (cut surfaces, molds,…)
grcProduct changes , for example shaping
grc2D drawings, design and service

You can survive with only an innovative production concept because of complex technic needs and ever changing difficulties. Our qualified and dedicated CAD/CAM team is working constantly to fulfill the requirements. To overcome this hard mission you need strong CAD/CAM systems and clearly defined processes and know-how data managment concept. Our design department plays an important role as the ideal engraving process begins with the design. If needed they prepare milling data in coordination with the customer which is optimized for machining. This ,production time, is very important for quality and ultimate cost. These interrelated factors are important in a closed chain of transactions.